GPS and rangefinders find their way into more golfers’ bags these days, and now the majority of those who frequent the greens use one kind of device or another in their everyday game.

Golf GPS devices and rangefinders are selling exceedingly well – and not just with the tech-savvy golfer, either. In fact golfers of all ages are now actively utilising GPS navigation or laser distancing to enhance their play. Here we have created a simple buying guide to purchasing GPS and rangefinders, as well as revealing the best-sellers and new releases available now at OnlineGolf.

GPS Navigation Systems

In this section we talk about the GPS, its uses and benefits on the golf course and the best brands to look out for when looking to purchase.

Without having a caddie by your side, there’s a lot of guesswork required when trying to determine distance to the hole and various other course targets such as bunkers or dog-legs. A GPS gives you quick and accurate guidance from anywhere on the golf course, with some models going beyond the basic distance-to-the-hole data and actually telling you the length of your last shot, distance to (and location of) targets and hazards, and distance to the front, middle and back of the green. There’s also more useful features in different GPS devices, so check out the full range at OnlineGolf to find what’s best for you.

Pre-Loaded GPS Devices

Not everyone likes to download things. Sorry kids, that’s a fact! The technology age might be booming right now, but there’s still those who yearn for simple things, such as snail mail and actually speaking on a phone. So it stands to reason that those same people would feel the same about technology when it comes to their golf game. A GPS is easy to use, simple to understand and offers excellent advice for players of all skill levels. However, some golfers aren’t happy about having to download courses to their computer in order to play a particular course. And then there’s those who aren’t sure how to download a course at all, so don’t waste their time buying a GPS. So for those golfers who simply want to ‘pick up and play’ there’s a perfect solution: pre-loaded golf courses.

Pre-loaded golf GPS devices can store from 6000 golf courses nationwide up to a mouth-watering 50,000 golf course worldwide, and are readily available for use without costing a penny over the retail price. Pre-loaded models offer all the same functions as subscription GPS devices, including pinpoint scoring for yourself and a fellow golfer, shot distance measurements to front, middle and back of the greens and they even uncover hazards lurking about the course. Pick up a pre-loaded golf GPS and hit the greens in no time flat!

Subscription GPS Devices

Some GPS systems ask that you sign up for a subscription to play all their golf courses, so be sure to read the product descriptions on our website before buying any GPS which you’re unsure about. Of course some golfers might seek out a subscription-based GPS device, so they too need to read through product descriptions thoroughly to make sure they’re getting the right model for their game.

A selection of our best golf GPS devices include the Garmin Approach G10 GPS, GolfBuddy CT2 Micro Handheld GPS, Izzo Golf Swami 4000+ GPS, SkyCaddie Touch GPS, Shotsaver Tour Pro S340 Revolution GPS and Garmin G7 Approach GPS.


In this section we talk about the rangefinder, its player benefits and the best models on the market today.

Rangefinders are the common alternative to GPS devices (although having both does have its advantages!). These nifty devices do not require the need to download courses, nor do they rely on a satellite signal like the GPS. To use a rangefinder, simply point it at the area which you want to hit the golf ball and, using its high-tech lasers, it will bounce a signal off the target and back to the handset to work out the distance.

Rangefinders are ideal for bunkers, flags and dog-legs among other things. Additional benefits include the function to measure the change in elevation or even changes in temperature. Of course these features are currently banned from competitive play as they lend an unfair advantage, so these will need to be switched off before playing unless you want to risk disqualification.

If there’s a downside to owning a rangefinder then perhaps it’s the fact they perform less impressively in foggy or rainy weather. Very bright sunlight can also be a problem as it blocks off the laser pulses which measure distances. However, when used in the right weather conditions, rangefinders can offer superior accuracy than a GPS system and they’re also ideal for use on the driving ranges.

Some of the best rangefinders available now include the GolfBuddy LR5 Laser Rangefinder, Bushnell Tour Z6 JOLT Laser Rangefinder, Bushnell Medalist With Pinseeker Rangefinder, Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder, Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder and Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder Slope Edition.

At OnlineGolf we stock only the highest quality products, so be sure to view the full range of golf GPS and Rangefinders for the best value and deals.

We also stock all the biggest GPS and Rangefinder brands, including Garmin, TomTom, Izzo, Bushnell, GolfBuddy, Shotsaver, SkyCaddie.