Shoe bags are the best way to keep your car or house mud-free after accumulating dirt underfoot while playing a round on the golf course. Golf shoe bags aren’t just useful for making sure muddy footprints are kept at bay either; they can also work to protect golf shoes from damage while doubling as a very secure storage option too.

This OnlineGolf buying guide will give you every detail about using golf shoe bags – a good idea if you’re not in the habit of constantly washing down upholstery and carpets.

Shoe Bags make excellent storage options

Golf shoes take a beating on the golf course. Often encrusted in mud and scuffed from heel to toe, a pair of shoes will not come out looking clean and crisp, especially in adverse weather conditions. So throwing them in the back of a car is not going to do a whole lot of good and will likely result in damaged footwear and a cleaning bill. To avoid this fate, golf shoe bags have been introduced. They are small enough to carry, will sit perfectly in the boot of the car and can accommodate any shoe sizes provided your feet aren’t extraordinarily large. Golf shoe bags aren’t laced with technology but they don’t need to be; they work just fine storing shoes and keeping mud from your belongings.

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Shoe Bag design variants

Golf shoe bags should, within reason, accommodate any size of footwear. Often a golf shoe bag’s construction consists of full-length zippered compartment with separated block compartment for additional storage. Some shoe bags have vented lining or mesh which allows odours to escape through the fabrics – leaving golf shoes smelling fresher and ready for the next golfing weekend.

There are some golf shoe bags which don’t fall into this category, however, with the Callaway Golf Drawstring Shoe Bag, Nike Golf Sport II Shoe Sack and PGA Tour Accessories & Shoe Bag offering some different variations to the norm.

Additional Features & Important Information

Other features a golf shoe bag has include an extra compartment or two for brushes or items of a similar ilk, golf tees, gloves, shoe laces, ball markers and shoe polish. All of these can be comfortably placed inside a shoe bag when required no problem.

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