Everyone needs to have at least a few select accessories in the bag to help their game. And with so much option out there, from umbrellas and golf ball retrievers through to ball markers and pitchmark repair tools, we’re sure there’ll be something here for you to put in your bag.

Golf Towels

Every golfer should own a golf towel. They are predominantly made from velour cotton or jacquard and can be easily attached to the side of a golf cart or bag for use in wiping golf clubs clean before, during and after a round. Golf towels are good at removing dirt and water from golf clubs when playing in poor weather conditions, but they are not a replacement for proper maintenance. Quality versions of golf towel is the Tri-Fold, which is small and very durable.

The Srixon Tour Towel, PING Tri-Fold Towel, Cleveland Golf Tour Towel and Nike Golf Tri-Fold Towel are some of the highest-quality golf towels available now.


A golf umbrella is the perfect protection from rain and snow. Easy to attach to a golf bag where they will remain through strong winds to powerfully keep golf clubs safe and dry, golf umbrellas will not turn inside out when the wind is very strong. They also vary considerably in width (measuring up to 64” in diameter). The longer the golf umbrella, the more area and scope there is for it to shield from bad weather.

Some of our best golf umbrellas, recommended by customers and pros alike, include the Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha 64" Umbrella, Motocaddy Clearview Umbrella, Cleveland Golf Gustbuster Umbrella, PING Tour Double Canopy Umbrella, Titleist Double Canopy Umbrella and PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella.

Ball Markers, Hat Clips & Pens

Golf ball markers are small, flat coin-like objects that mark the position of a golf ball when it has been lifted on the putting green. They are placed directly behind the golf ball before it is played and then replaced back in front of the ball marker again. Some golfers use real coins instead of a ball marker but as the real ones are so cheap to buy there really isn’t all that much point.

The Odyssey Poker Chip Ball Markers, Masters Golf Poker Chip Ball Markers, Asbri Golf Set of 5 Ball Markers, Premier Licensing Liverpool Duo Ball Marker, Masters Golf Neon Ball Marker and Premier Licensing Manchester United Duo Ball Marker are among some of our ball marker range available now.

Finding ball markers that have slipped from sight down the back of a trouser leg can cause all sorts of bad language, which has prompted companies to introduce the hat clip. The hat clip is very simple in its invention and can be clipped onto a visor or hat in a matter of seconds. The ball marker is then placed underneath the hat clip and snapped in place where it will remain until needed again. Hat clips can also be attached to gloves, shoes, polo shirt collars and zipper pulls.

Pens are useful for jotting down scores on the golf course and, although pencils are ok, they don’t have great visibility in poor lighting. Sharpie pens are much better and brighter, available in a variety of colours such as green, red, blue and black, and are cheap and cheerful, too.

Scorecard Trackers

Tracking scores and lowering them is what golf is all about, so keeping a good record of handicap, swing speeds etc is always useful when looking to improve. Trackers are small, easy to carry or store and come in handy when playing alone or with a friend. Electronic scorecard holder’s work in a similar way but instead of using pens to keep score, it’s all done electronically, displaying total strokes per round and able to track the scores of up to four separate players at any one time.

The Masters Golf Deluxe Scorecard Holder, Masters Golf 2 in 1 Scorer, Asbri Golf Scorecard Holder and PGA Tour Real Leather Accessories and Scorecard Holder are some of our best scorecards and trackers available now at OnlineGolf.

Pitch Mark Repairers

A soft golf course is a given these days, and that is down to the fantastic work done by those who run the golf courses and clubhouses. Any golfer who plays regular enough will have come across the trouble when turf flies from the ground after a poor swing, which is unfortunate. The rule of the land is that you should fix this if it happens so to give everyone a good standard of course on which to play. That’s where the pitch mark repairer comes into play.

Pitch mark repairers should be used after every round to maintain the golf courses pristine condition. The right way to use the pitch mark repairer and keep the greens looking fresh is simple. Firstly, discard the loose piece of turf taken up from the ground. (Do not try to reinsert the turf as it will die anyway and this slows up the healing process quite badly.) Next, insert the pitch marker tool just outside of the back of the pitch mark and lever the turf towards the centre of the pitch mark. Repeat this motion from all sides of the pitch mark and then gently tap the repaired area with the putter. This action stretches undamaged turf over the pitch mark, providing instant recovery.

Types of pitch marker vary slightly from one to the next but the most commonly used is the pitchfork. Pitchforks are made from stainless steel, are fully retractable and come in an array of designs and patterns.

Some of the best pitch mark repairers we stock at OnlineGolf include the PGA Tour Pro Golf Multi Tool, Asbri Golf Spirit Repairer, Nike Golf CVX Repair Tool & Ball Marker and TaylorMade Divot Tool Repairer.

Golf Ball Retrievers

Golf ball retrievers are used to recapture lost or misplaced golf balls which have fallen into water hazards, deep rough and sand traps that are out of reach. Some of the models used by golfers include a telescopic extension that reach up to 4.5 metres in length and are able to lift the golf ball from water thanks to a swivelling cup attached at the top. Others include a vacuum-like model that sucks the golf ball upwards into the bag for easy collection and thinner tubes that pull the golf ball up and then drop it when a safe distance from the hazard.

Golf ball retrievers include the Big Max Pocket Ball Retriever, PGA Tour Practice Ball Collector, Masters Golf 12ft Ball Retriever and PGA Tour Telescopic Ball Retriever.

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