With the UK weather always unpredictable, it’s a good idea as a golfer to always be prepared. Cold temperatures are especially hazardous and can affect your game in many different ways, so avoiding the cold should be a priority.

Our guide to buying cold weather accessories will help you find out more about the products available to you, how best to utilise them in your game and we’ll also throw in a few helpful hints and tips to help you play your best in even the most challenging of cold climates.

Winter Gloves

Thermal golf gloves will keep your hands warm and toasty on the golf course when the weather is cold. In some conditions, the weather can be relentless and exceedingly tough on skin – causing players plenty of problems if they’re not prepared for it. Incorporating a pair of thermal winter gloves into your bag is good practice and will serve you well in any weather, but especially the winter.

So what does a thermal golf glove do? They work to stop grip tension in the fingers when clutching your clubs and also eliminate that awful tingling in the fingers that can occur so often when striking the golf ball with cold hands. Plenty of top golf brands offer built-in technology in their golf gloves and this is always worth checking out. For instance, a lot of golf gloves now offer moisture management capabilities or ‘wicking properties’ that keeps perspiration away from the skin and instead pushes it up into the gloves fabrics and out into the open where it is quickly evaporated. A great way to keep you cool and dry without hassle, you don’t even need to take off the glove to dry hands manually. Golf gloves are also generally hardened for the winter weather and will perform to optimal standard no matter how low the temperature drops.

If you’re looking for some solid thermal winter golf glove, a few suggestions would be the FootJoy RainGrip Bonus Pack, TaylorMade All Weather Glove, Stuburt All Weather Glove and Srixon Rain Grip Glove Pair, although there is plenty of option available from OnlineGolf so be sure to check out the full range for more choice.

Golf Mittens

A great way to cocoon your freezing hands in an embrace of warmth on the golf course, mittens hep to reduce unnecessary tension in the fingers and joints which can occur walking from hole to hole in very cold temperatures.

A golf mitten will warm the entirety of the hand when worn and, though you cannot play while wearing them, they work brilliantly as a ‘between-shots’ burst of warmth. Some golf mitts are made with a soft interior fleece lining that circulates warmth around the hands without making them overheat, so once removed from the hand they will leave you dry and able to play the shot with relative ease.

We stock a good selection of golf mittens, with some of the more popular among golfers being the Callaway Golf Thermal Mittens, Online Golf Winter Mitts and Motocaddy Deluxe Trolley Mittens.

Golf Beanies

Golf beanies press close to the head to allow more warmth to get down into the body during cold snaps. They also look really stylish, too, so they’re good for any weather condition!

The main purpose of a golf beanie is the protect the head from cold weather and this is achieved by tight-fitting designs which hold firm in anything you do. Often made from cotton or wool materials, beanie hats are ideal for golfers both on and off the golf course.

Some of the most popular golf beanie hats we stock include the Callaway Golf Knit Stripe Hat, Calvin Klein Reversible Beanie, Under Armour Retro Pom 2.0 Beanie, TaylorMade Bobble Beanie and Titleist Winter PomPom Hat, among other top brands and designs.

Golf Handwarmers

Place a handwarmer inside your pocket and enjoy controlled warmth from first hole to last. In icy conditions a handwarmer helps regulate heat around the pocket to give hands a burst of much-needed warmth.

Fun tip: Place a golf ball in your pocket with the handwarmer to warm the core of the ball so that it travels longer and further down the fairway when playing in poor weather conditions.

Both Implus and HotRox will do an excellent job of keeping hands wonderfully warm in cold weather, so be sure to check out both to see which is more suitable for your needs.