We often hear about the exorbitant wages of footballers, but how do golfers size up?

Of the top 25 best paid athletes of 2017, four are male golfers (Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth), with combined earnings of over £115 million. While athletes like American football player Andrew Luck ranked highly based almost entirely on salary ($7 million, vs. $3 million in endorsements), endorsements are huge in golf, with forty of Phil Mickelson’s $43.5 million in earnings from commercial endeavours.

Prize money is, however, still a large contributing factor in terms of golfing salary. The 2017 British Open had a $10.25 million purse pool (with the winner receiving $1.8 million). The 2017 KPMG Women's PGA Championship purse came to $3.5 million, with the winner, Danielle Kang, awarded $525,000. While there is still a lot of work to do to ensure women’s salaries catch-up, there have certainly been huge strides in the women’s game, helped by new technology, including golf clubs designed to play to the strengths of female players.

So, when it comes to your wages, how do you compare with top golfers? Use our interactive tool below to find out how long it would take you to earn what Rory McIlroy does, and what you could buy with it!

How To Use

To pitch your salary against the pros, simply add your annual income into the Salary box above, select a golfer and hit check! After reading your results, feel free to share the tool with your friends or pitch your salary against another pro!

What is it?

The pro salary checker app highlights and compares the salaries of the world’s best and most loved players against those of the general public. Not only can you find out what it would take for your chosen golfer to earn your salary, but also what items you could buy with it. We’ve looked at the price of a Portuguese Golfing Villa, a luxury Mercedes Maybach and a Volkswagen Golf.


Within the checker the price of a Volkswagen Golf is £19,090, a special edition Mercedes Maybach is valued at £8,000,000, and the luxury villa in Vale De Lobo is valued at £10,647,103.

*Golfers salary figures used in the widget are reported by or understood to be accurate before 04/08/2017. The figures are pre-tax and include income earned from playing and winning tournaments, as well as sponsorship or other commercial deals.
*Please note any salary details you enter will stay on your own computer and will not be collected, stored or shared by OnlineGolf.co.uk


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