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World-renowned golf instructor Hank Haney shares a simple swing thought to get you making cleaner contact with your fairway woods from the rough.

Travis Fulton, Head Instructor for Golf Channel's Golf Academy and Morning Drive, has a simple tip for you to hit the ball on the center of the clubface more frequently (to generate massive distance).

Oakmont Country Club, home of the 2016 US Open, is known for their massive putting surfaces. Callaway will show you the proper technique to lag your putts close to the hole.

You may have seen the pictures of the deep rough at Oakmont so Callaway are here to show you what to do if you find your ball buried in deep rough near the green, and NEED to get it close to the hole.

Oakmont, CA has plenty of bunkers and Nick is here to explain the proper way to play a shot when your ball comes to rest near the lip of a fairway bunker.

Much has been said about the deep rough at Oakmont, CA but Callaway are here to help. Don't fret if you find yourself in a buried lie off the tee. Use this advice and save your par.

Troy Merritt, PGA Tour Professional and Wilson Advisory Staff Member, shows how to play it from a tough, uphill lie to help improve your game.

Scared of the dreaded buried 'fried egg' bunker shot? Fear no more, Wilson Advisory Staff Member Brendan Steele explains how to play a fried egg.

PGA Professional and Callaway representative, Travis Fulton, shows you how to successfully hook your ball around trees, just in case you ever find yourself in such a predicament.

PGA Professional and Callaway representative, Travis Fulton shows you how to take dead aim with your short irons and ensure you're making solid contact.

PGA Professional Callaway representative Travis Fulton explains how maintaining a correct spine angle will allow you to launch your long irons high into the air.

PGA Professional and Callaway rep Travis Fulton explains what swing direction is and how it effects the curve of the ball. You might need to bag yourself a trusty hula hoop for this fun drill.

PGA Professional and Callaway rep Travis Fulton shows you how to correctly begin your backswing so that you stay on plane.

PGA Professional and Callaway rep Travis Fulton shares some useful swing thoughts when you land in everyone's least favourite spot and shows you how to hit this shot better.

PGA Professional and Callaway rep Travis Fulton explains how to very simply hit your mid irons with a lower trajectory.

In the last of this series, we follow Luke Donald on a short par 4 to pick his thoughts on the tee shot, approach and putting lines.

Luke's thought process to tackling a potentially damaging short hole.....where a par is a good return.

No one better than PGA Tour pro Luke Donald to explain the difference in approach with a 115 yard fairway bunker shot.

The 'soft left elbow' was a new one to us. Luke Donald talks through his escape route and when it's the right time to take on the shot.

PGA Tour player, short game maestro and elegant iron player Luke Donald is back and this time he shows you how to dial in those tricky yardages.

PGA Tour player and short game maestro Luke Donald demonstrates the risk and reward of 3 different executions around the green.

Mizuno are lauching their brand new sequence of tips soon, so they asked short game wizard Luke Donald to explain the breakpoint between his irons and wedges.

In this weeks episode, Dave Pelz shows us how to select the proper wedge loft for different ball lies.

In this weeks episode, Dave Pelz teaches us the fundamentals of green reading and how to incorporate slope in your putting speed.

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