Now everyone can breathe new life into their golf attire with a selection of fun and fashionable accessories at OnlineGolf. This buying guide won’t do much for your scores, but it’ll certainly help make you look and feel like one of the pro’s on the golf course if you like what you see here.

Golf Belts

The practicality and stylish appeal a golf belt can bring to a golfer’s attire makes them the most sought-after accessory on the market. Switch up your look with a golf belt – there’s plenty of options available and anyone can look good with a sweet, stylish belt around their waist.

Some of our customers’ favourite golf belts include the adidas Golf Webbing Belt, Druh Players Collection Belt, Galvin Green Wesley Enamel Belt, PUMA Golf Cuadrado Web Belt, Callaway Golf Solid Webbed Belt and Nike Golf Sleek Modern Tonal Belt.

New and old golf belts are available right now from all the biggest brands including adidas, PUMA, Nike, Callaway, Galvin Green, Daily Sports, Druh, PING, Under Armour, GOLFINO.

Belt Buckles

If you own a Druh belt, or are thinking of getting one, then you’ll also be able to switch up your looks as often as you like with some of these stylish buckles, including the Druh Diamante Ladies Buckle and Druh Country Flag Buckle.