Golf headwear is great at keeping sunlight out of the eyes to help you achieve unhindered shots on the greens. Many golfers also like to wear a golf hat for more fashion-related reasons, however even if this is your motivation for headwear you will still feel the benefit of a cool head on warm days. OnlineGolf has a great collection of headwear to suit the needs of every player.

Golf Caps

The most commonly-worn headwear are golf caps and they offer excellent protection from glaring sunlight to help reduce the sun from burning heads on especially hot days. Golf caps have long bills protruding out in front to deflect unwanted sunlight glinting off the face of the golf club and getting in your eye-line when lining up that crucial putting swing and some now even offer some variation of waterproof protection in rain. Golf caps are predominantly one size fits all and will snap over your head without hassle to leave you only to ponder which brand’s logo you want adorning your cap.

The Nike Golf Ultralight Tour Perforated, Callaway Golf Magnet Cap, PUMA Golf Cat Patch 2.0 Cap, PING Classic Unstructured Cap, Titleist Cubic Mesh Cap and TaylorMade Storm Cap are just some of the most popular golf caps available from OnlineGolf today.

View our golf caps by brand, including Nike, TaylorMade, Titleist, PING, Bridgestone, PUMA, Cobra, Srixon, Callaway, Under Armour, OnlineGolf.

Golf Hats

Bucket hats are the most used headwear after from caps and offer very similar benefits. Bucket hats work in all weathers and keep golfers’ heads protected in rain while creating a cool layer over the head in sunshine. Bucket hats are often made from waterproof materials and the shade they offer from sun is second to none, making them the first choice in the hat category.

The TaylorMade Storm Bucket Hat, Titleist StaDry Bucket Hat and Nike Golf Storm-Fit Bucket Hat are some of the most popular hats among golfers.

Golf Visors

Some may call the golf visor ‘middle ground’ headwear because it offers a little of both worlds. Open-topped with large bill at front, the visor is the ideal protection from glaring sunlight. It will keep the eyes clear, despite the warmth, and some variations now offer moisture wicking capabilities, too.

New and most popular golf visors include the GOLFINO Ladies Micro Visor, Callaway Golf Low Profile Visor, Nike Golf Tech Tour Visor, Calvin Klein Ladies Crete Visor, Daily Sports Ladies Marina Visor and Galvin Green Ladies Sunny Visor.

Beanie Hats

Often made from polyester or cotton, golf beanies protect the head from whipping winds and chilly mornings. Contrary to other headwear in the range, beanies not only protect the head but also cover the most sensitive parts of the head – the ears. A golfer can find playing outdoors for long periods at a time begins to hurt the ears even in warm weather, so carrying a beanie hat can be vital for staying healthy.

Beanie hats are snug, close-fitting and do not muffle the world around you, making them virtually perfect for sports and everyday wear. In strong winds they will remain firm and can be worn anywhere away from the golf course due to their impressive, stylish design.

Popular beanie hats include the Callaway Golf Knit Stripe Hat, TaylorMade Bobble Beanie, Cutter & Buck Reversible Knitted Beanie, Under Armour Retro Pom 2.0 Beanie, Nike Golf Hypervis Tour Skully Beanie and Calvin Klein Reversible Beanie.

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