You might not have any control over the weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for whatever the weather throws your way. Golf windshirts are made by the biggest brands in the world and will give you comfort, warmth, protection and style so you can enjoy your golf game no matter how adverse the weather decides to be.

We’ve all been there; having to plough through a round with the wind whipping up your hair and twisting the golf club from your hands every time the perfect swing is being set up. Those cold blustery winds don’t care they’ve just put you off, oh no; it chills you too, so your fingers are cold and your body unresponsive. This can really bring down a good game of golf, so what can you do about it? How about getting your arms (and the rest of your upper body!) into a golf windshirt! This useful buying guide will help you make the best decisions for game on the greens with helpful hints and tips on the best attires and their uses.

Windproof protection clothing

A good piece of windproof attire reduces coldness in the body and improves playability on the golf course. Here we offer some useful advice and tips for wearing windshirts and getting the most out of your clothing.

First a quick rundown of what windproof clothing is. Windproof clothing is the protective layer that keeps coldness off the skin to leave you feeling warm and comfortable. The best outdoor wind clothing should be lightweight in construction and the furthest thing from a heavy jacket. They are highly breathable attire which remains cool enough so that golfers don’t overheat and have to expose their skin to the elements – windproof clothing keeps you cool enough yet entirely snug throughout the entire day.

Windproof is not waterproof – but it’s pretty close

Windproof clothing is not waterproof, so if you play in severely wet conditions then chances are windproof attire will be ineffective and you’ll catch a cold on top of your bad mood. However, some windproof clothing is treated with Teflon to offer slight protection from rain but this is not guaranteed and should only be worn as a means to keep warm in the cold. Windproof clothing is less expensive than waterproof clothing and will assure warmth in very cold, dry temperatures.

Windshirts also eliminate the need for wearing large, heavy or restrictive jackets on the golf course as these will weigh you down and cause unnecessary overheating. It will also make swinging golf clubs a real challenge, while windshirts are specially designed to make it easier.

Choosing the perfect windshirts

Nestled among the wealth of outdoor golf clothing we have available at OnlineGolf, sometimes golfers just want to know what the best attire is; so we’re going to give you some of our favourite ranges as good examples of what you should be looking at this year and beyond.

This is already looking like a good year for golfers seeking high-quality windshirts, with some of the best ranges new and old available right now. Some of the best short-sleeved windshirts include the Callaway Golf Gust 2.0 Windshirt, Galvin Green Bolt Windshirt, FootJoy Half Sleeve Windshirt, Stuburt Cyclone Windshirt and PING Nelson Windshirt to name just a few.

Regular and long-sleeve windshirts are still hugely popular among golfers, and some of the very best ranges include the Nike Golf Dri-Fit Windshirt, Galvin Green Brad Windshirt, FootJoy Chill Out Sweater, adidas climastorm Hybrid Heathered Windshirt, PING Hudson Performance Windshirt and Benross XTEX Windshirt to give you just a hint of what we have available today.

View the full range of golf windshirts now, or view the range by brand, including Nike, adidas, Callaway, FootJoy, Stuburt, PING, Mizuno, Benross, PUMA, Daily Sports, Under Armour, Oscar Jacobson, GOLFINO, Green Lamb, Galvin Green, Stromberg, Calvin Klein.