Golf sweaters are popular attire for players looking for a little warmth and comfort on the greens. Perfect for any weather condition, a golf sweater is both a simple ‘middle ground’ layer for those fresh mornings on the golf course, as well as being a stylish alternative to everyday outwear.

This buying guide to golf sweaters will give you all the information about sweater materials, which brands are best for your game and a wealth of other useful hints and tips.

Golf sweater materials

Each golf sweater is made from the finest materials in order to give a proper performance on the greens, expertly crafted to allow for lightweight fit with easy movement. Sweaters are made from some of the biggest brands in the world and are available in a variety of materials. Below is a list and description of a selection of golf sweater materials which work exceptionally well on the golf course.


Polyester is the material all-rounder when it comes to comfortable, warm and lightweight golf sweaters. Used largely in for home furnishings due to its brilliant durability and appeal, polyester is ultra-comfortable and unrestrictive. Golfers wear polyester safe in the knowledge they’re completely protected from the elements – with the material really coming into its own as an insulating, cushioning material. Many golfers have described wearing polyester clothing on the golf course as feeling like wearing a cocoon of warmth which is impenetrable from wind.

Some of the best polyester golf sweaters on the market right now include the Under Armour Storm 1/4 Zip Sweater, Nike Golf Dri-Fit Knit Sweater and PUMA Golf Block Popover Sweater.


Cotton is used often in sports such as golf due to it offering excellent breathability to athletes. It is the ideal material as it works in most weather conditions and can keep golfers entirely warm in the cold while not overheating in very warm conditions. Cotton is very soft material – it won’t rub when the golf club gets swung and it makes for easy, comfortable attire for all situations.

Good cotton attires available now include the Stuburt Essentials Crew Neck Sweater, GOLFINO Ladies Pima Cotton Sweater, Lyle & Scott Stripe Sweater and PING Garner Sweater.


Making great attire for the golf course, fleece material lends protection from cold weather by sucking in warmth and pushing out the cold. Clothing made from fleece is often very stylish and easy to move about in, and it is commonly associated with pullovers or jackets. A fleece can go with practically anything in your golfing wardrobe and should be worn on those below-average cold days.


Lambswool is ultra-soft, slightly slippery and elasticised, and can be found in more high-society attires. If a golfer can afford a lambswool sweater then you can bet they’ll buy one, it’s just that comfortable. Lambswool is also warming, highlighting very snug feel in even terribly cold weather and icy conditions.

View the full range of golf sweaters now, or check out the full range of golf sweaters by brand, including Stuburt, Nike, adidas, PING, PUMA, FootJoy, GOLFINO, Callaway, Galvin Green, Under Armour, Green Lamb, Benross, Calvin Klein, Cutter & Buck, Wilson, Lyle & Scott, Mizuno, Wilson Staff.