Wearing golf socks on the greens can drastically help players feel greater comfort underfoot and help ease them through long-haul afternoons. They will keep feel toasty warm from first tee to last.

But what makes golf socks a better alternative to just any old pair lying about in your bedroom draw? Well there’s a few good reasons for golfers wanting to purchase golf socks, chief among them being an added layer of comfort and protection which regular socks can’t offer.

A golf sock is able to offer padding and support for the heel and forefoot, add warmth to the toes on cold mornings and occasionally can even supply a little style to an otherwise blasé ensemble. Basically, if you love your golf but hate getting cold feet on the golf course, get yourself a pair of golf socks!

Golf Socks even have technology!

This is perhaps the main reason for golfers getting their hands on a pair of warm, comfortable socks designed for the greens. Every pair of golf socks need to at least keep your feet warm and protected in cold weather. If they aren’t achieving even this tiny feat then unfortunately they need to be binned now. Socks not offering any kind of outdoor performance aren’t worth wearing and you’d be better off just playing a round barefoot.

Golf socks won’t deliver the same level of performance as, say, a golf shirt or trouser, but they can offer some excellent moisture-management or wicking capabilities. This means that your feet will not overheat when playing a round in warm weather, nor get too chilly in the cold. The materials suck out the moisture when you perspire and quickly force it up and out through the fabrics where it is evaporated. This keeps your feet cool, dry and smelling fine. There really is no better technology for golf socks than moisture management!

A good selection of moisture-management golf socks are available at OnlineGolf, and some of our customer favourites include the FootJoy ProDry Socks, Nike Golf Dri-FIT Crew, FootJoy Junior Low ProDry Ankle Socks and PUMA Golf Cell Multi-Sport Crew Socks.

Comfort is key to better golf

With cold weather the order of the day, starting a fresh season of golf can be a chilly experience. For those who have braved the fierceness of adverse weather every weekend and managed to enjoy a round of golf, well done; you’re truly dedicated. However, it isn’t just playing in cold weather which causes discomfort. It’s also about how comfortable you feel setting out. Golf socks add a layer of comfort to the foot that golf shoes cannot match.

Golf socks need to be comfortable. This is the first thing every athlete should look for when purchasing anything related to the feet as more often than not you will be spending the majority of time walking, running or both. So unless you’re an Olympic swimmer (in which case why are you looking for sport socks in the first place!) then checking for comfort is paramount to anything else.

The key to comfort is simple; look for golf socks that offer padding on the soles and heels, do not force your toes back when you wear them and which can offer some kind of moisture-wicking capabilities.

Don’t be afraid to switch it up a little, either. For example, perhaps you are a golfer who likes to (literally) pull up their socks and get on with things, in which case you will probably prefer buying something like the adidas Crew Socks or Royal & Awesome Socks as these closely march to the beat of your drum. However, why not throw caution to the wind and grab a pair of ankle socks? They’re just as comfortable and offer the same technologies – the Green Lamb Ladies Dolores Socks and Callaway Golf Sport Series Socks being especially popular choices for many golfers.

Fashion for the feet

We know that looking good isn’t going to do anything to change your golf game, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still want you looking dapper on the greens. A lot of golfers will already have a good idea of what they want to look like and will naturally find what works for them attire-wise. But if you’re just not that bothered about fashion, or pretty indecisive, then we’ve got a few handy fashion tips for you.

Golf socks should match your style. If you like wearing long trousers on the golf course then the socks you choose should represent this. What’s the point in pulling on ankle-length socks if all you are going to do is wear long trousers and cover them up? It won’t keep you warm and it’ll look very much out of place on your person. Long socks are the way to go with long trousers as they do the same job and look smart.

For golf shoes, light-coloured socks with white or saddle-style shoes and black socks with black shoes are among the best combinations, though this is a personal choice and you are free to wear whatever you want.

You can view the full range of golf socks at OnlineGolf now, or check out the full range of socks we have by brand, which includes the FootJoy, Nike, adidas, Callaway, Stuburt, PUMA, Green Lamb, Royal & Awesome, Pringle.