Now widely acceptable clothing on the golf course, shorts have gained a strong following by amateur and professional golfers who like to feel a little breeze during their round.

This OnlineGolf guide to buying golf shorts will explain the technology, design and styles available and the best shorts on the market today for golfers looking for an alternative to traditional golf trousers.

Golf Shorts Technology

Rule of thumb dictates that picking an item of clothing which says it has ‘moisture wicking’ capabilities will drastically improve their experience on the greens. Moisture wicking is the predominant technology in golf clothing and shorts benefit from this as well. The moisture wicking works by sucking perspiration away from the skin and pushing it out through the fabrics, leaving you feeling cool, dry and comfortable from start to finish.

Broadly speaking, moisture wicking offers athletes’ cool, unhindered performance that keeps you dry and comfortable in hot, cloying weather conditions. It also works well in cooler weather, too, as the more you play the more you are likely to perspire. Moisture wicking catches the sweat that you exude and promptly forces it up through the fabrics and onto the outside of the attire where it is quickly evaporated. This leaves you to perform to the same standard without worry of feeling uncomfortable or overheated.

The Stuburt Tech Stretch Shorts, PING Rosco II Shorts, PUMA Golf Tech Shorts and Callaway Golf Tech Shorts all offer moisture-management in their construction to really improve your comfort and performance.

Golf Shorts Designs

Check first and foremost that the golf shorts you want to purchase have sufficient storage options for placing ball markers, scorecard trackers and the like, unless you aren’t worried about leaving them in your bag or jacket.

Golf shorts are available in many materials, with polyester and cotton being both the most popular and most common. The issue with cotton, however, is that it will make you very warm and so can cause perspiration while playing.

Denim is sometimes worn though rarely by any of the pros and is a poor choice. This is largely due to the fact that it offers very little in bending or crouching, resulting in discomfort all over the greens. Playing it safe you should firstly look at purchasing wool, polyester or cotton.

Looking for some snazzy, funk-infused golf shorts? The Royal & Awesome King of Diamond Shorts, Royal & Awesome Plaid Electric Shorts, Royal & Awesome Old Tom’s Ladies Shorts and GOLFINO Printed Micro Ladies Skort will give you plenty of colour and a whole lot of jazz heading onto the golf course.

Golf Skorts

Skorts are skirts designed for women while on the golf course, and they help make movement on the greens a lot easier than tight-fitting trousers. Some skorts will have a level of moisture-wicking properties, so female golfers can enjoy their game in total comfort. A selection of the best women’s golf skorts can be found right here at OnlineGolf, and includes the Calvin Klein Ladies Pleated Skort, Galvin Green Ladies Nora Skort, Daily Sports Ladies Esperanza Skort, PUMA Golf Plaid Ladies Skirt, Green Lamb Ladies Tiffany Skort and GOLFINO Ladies Printed Stretch Skort.

It’s never too early to pull on a pair of comfortable golf shorts, and there’s a wealth of option available to you. New and popular golf shorts are available today from OnlineGolf by all the biggest brands, including adidas, Royal & Awesome, Galvin Green, PUMA, FootJoy, Callaway, Nike, GOLFINO, Stromberg, Green Lamb, Stuburt, PING, Calvin Klein, Mizuno, Daily Sports.