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2017 Golf Tees

Golf tees, though necessary accessories regularly used on the green by golfers, are rarely given much thought when it comes time to choose which ones should go in the bag. There’s a great range of golf tee on the market which will contribute to helping your game, and this buying guide will show you which ones you might want to consider this season.

Using a golf tee

A golf tee is used for the first stroke of each hole, and the area where the stroke is taken is known as the teeing ground or simply just the tee. It’s against golf rules to use a tee anywhere else on the greens other than the teeing ground, although exceptions are sometimes made. At certain times in the season, golfers may be allowed to use their tee, as it keeps the course in good condition during poor weather.

Golf Tees

Types of golf tee

The following section details the best golf tees available and their pros and cons when used on the golf course.

Traditional golf tees

Traditional golf tees measure around 2 ¾ inches in length, and are made from wood. They’re tough, sturdy, and very resilient when placed in the ground, so it’s no great surprise that golfers are loath to abandon them in search of alternatives, such as plastic golf tees. Plastic golf tees, however, are cheaper in price, though only marginally, and offer little difference in performance. The choice of which works best for you needs to be a personal decision and both types are available from OnlineGolf for you to test out and enjoy.

Some of our best traditional plastic golf tees include the Pride Professional Golf Tees, Pride Professional MINI Golf Tees, Masters Golf Deluxe Society Pack, Asbri Golf Patriot Tees, Brush Tee Extreme XL T, Brush Tee Driver, PGA Tour Anti Slice Tees and CHAMP Zarma FLYtee.

Colourful golf tees

The hallmark or classic golf tee is unquestionably white; easy to get your hands on, easy to see in poor weather conditions, and roundly considered the universal colour option. These days, however, there are limitless colours, designs and customisations available for the more artistic golfers and these can range from golf tees sporting polka dots or tiger skin through to luscious colours such a chilli red and aqua green. Again this is purely a personal choice here and no colour or design is going to change anything about the golf tee. If you like to jazz up your look, these are for you.

Some of the most vibrant designs and colours can be found in the PGA Tour Castle Tees, Masters Golf Plastic Tees, PGA Tour Lift Tee, Masters Golf Short Cone Tees and PGA Tour Performance RFT Series Tees.

Pyramid tees

Pyramid tees, such as the Stringed Pyramid Tees, are idea for play in all weather conditions, including ice-covered turf. Pyramid tees are specifically designed to players carry on playing whatever the weather, and should be considered whenever the ground has an icy sheen.