The OnlineGolf Guide to Buying 2016 Package Sets

For most golfers a package set is the perfect jumping off point to ease into the game or gain more experience with a variety of golf clubs. Package sets are incredibly popular with men, women and junior golfers.

Package sets are aimed predominantly at golfers trying his or her hand at the game for the first time, so every club is designed to be as easy to hit as possible and deliver the maximum amount of forgiveness and distance thanks to their cavity back and oversized head designs. If you’re seeking an added burst of distance then look for clubs with graphite shafts in the woods.

This buying guide is designed to give you an in-depth description of package sets, which set is best for your particular needs and whether they are the ideal choice over buying clubs individually.

What’s in a Package Set?

Expect your package set to be filled with up to 20 clubs depending on which type you’ve selected. All package sets should include a golf driver, fairway woods, utility club, irons and a putter, all of which comes topped with headcovers for protection. It’s a good idea to look at what each package set is offering as some will be better equipped for immediate golf than others.

Rule of thumb says you will be able to carry any combination of 14 golf clubs in a bag – any more than that and you face disqualification from competition play. So you can pick up a good quality package set and still have space for a few luxury clubs as well.

Package Sets For All!

Package sets are being made for men, women and junior golfers – and come in left and right hand variations – so there’s something here for all the family. Currently there are package sets available for men and women by brands including Wilson, Wilson Deep Red and Fazer. For junior golfers, PGA Tour, US Kids, Nike, PING and Masters are all available.

Selecting Package Sets

Before buying package sets it is a good idea to know how often you will be taking to the greens. By appraising how much interest and time you have available for the sport, coupled with knowing whether you will be playing weekly, monthly or only a handful of times per year should help dictate the ideal package set to get.

If you love to spend a lot of time on the golf course then it’d be beneficial from having a top of the range package set, while the more relaxed players might feel more comfortable with a modest set which doesn’t cost quite so much.

Steel or Graphite Golf Clubs

This choice can be made at any time and will most likely only become an issue once you’ve played golf for an extended period of time.

Graphite golf clubs are much lighter and can help generate swing speed, while steel golf clubs are more durable.

Ladies, juniors and seniors are known to benefit more when playing with graphite shafts that have a softer flex, while younger, stronger men might find going with a regular or stiff shaft helps their game better. But remember to keep in mind that the pro’s say lots of golfers use shafts that are too stiff, so be wary about falling into this trap as well.

It is recommended that, for all beginners, a standard package set be purchased and then upgraded as confidence grows.

Package Sets to Consider

The market is flooded with package sets from a multitude of brands, and here at OnlineGolf we pride ourselves on only stocking the best quality products for every customer. Whether for ladies, men or junior golfers, we want you to succeed at the game.

A selection of the best package sets available today include the Wilson Reflex HS Package Set, Fazer CTR20 Package Set, Wilson Deep Red Tour Package Set, Wilson Ladies 1200 CGI Package Set, Wilson Ladies Ultra Package Set, PING Junior Thrive Package Set and Masters Golf Junior MKids Pro 57” Green Package Set, to name just a few.

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