This 2014 golf club accessories buying guide will give insight into the latest and greatest products to keep golf clubs clean, stylish and free from damage. There’s also some fun accessories here that will make playing even more entertaining.

Golf Towels

Golf clubs need to stay dry as much as possible, especially when playing in adverse weather conditions. Wiping away dirt and grime during play is good practice, and using golf towels will help hugely making the job less of a hassle. Golf towels are becoming more used by players every year, and in 2014 there’s a wealth of option on offer to you.

Callaway Golf’s Tour Authentic Bomb Towel has been released to show off their new Callaway X2 Hot golf club range, while PING’s brilliant Tri-Fold Towel 2014 is durable, soft and kind to all golf clubs on the green.

Golf Grips

Get to grips…with golf grips! The Pleasy Golf Gripgliders allows golf clubs to slide easily into the bag after a round without becoming stuck. Each Gripglider takes only a few seconds to secure safely and then each individual golf club can be identified via the Gripglider button placed front and centre at the top end of the golf grip. Gripgliders are smart, popular and growing in popularity. Make sure you’re on this train when it leaves the station!

Golf Club Cleaning Products

What better way to keep golf clubs clean from ground-in dirt than with a cleaning product specially designed for golf clubs. Premier Licensing Gruve Brush and Markers are perfect for football fanatics! Each one comes with the team’s crest emblazoned upon the ball marker, while the brush has thick yet gentle bristles to easily edge out dirt and grass when it becomes trapped in the grooves of the golf club. Available Gruve Brush and Markers: Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham.

Golf Head Covers

Brand new for 2014, the Masters Golf Neoprene Putter Cover is an ultra-safe options for keeping golf putters dry, free and safe from damage on the greens or while in transit to and from the golf course. The neoprene cover has a protective inner lining and zip or clam closing so not even the stubborn of weather will penetrate through its tough exterior.

Golf Training Aids

2014 should be the year that you get as much training in as possible, especially when the golf course is out of commission for whatever reason (our guess would be rain!). Of course there’s also lack of funds or the fact there isn’t a decent course near where you live to consider. But even the pros have to train constantly – and they use some of these brilliant training aids to do it right.

Popular with golfers at both ends of the experience spectrum, this Swingyde Training Aid sets the correct hinge position at the top of your backswing, and also corrects face alignment throughout your golf swing, which creates increased distance, enhanced accuracy and most importantly, lower scores on the golf course!

Another technology-savvy device is the GolfSense 3D Swing Analyser Training Aid, which attaches easily to almost any golf glove. Simply slide the Velcro strap on the glove through the rubber "belts" on the back of GolfSense and you're all set. Unlike other products that require you to strap devices onto each club before you swing, GolfSense conveniently rests on the back of your glove always ready to go. And even though the GolfSense 3D Swing Analyser Training Aid is packed with technology and innovation, it weighs in at just 0.6 oz. (17 grams). It's so light that most people forget it's even on their glove letting you concentrate on improving your game.